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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Oh Drat!

Never fiddle with your blog layout on a night shift! I've managed to delete all the buttons and webring codes from here - oh it's going to take a while to put all those back!!!

Maybe later.

Getting there!

Well, who knew that things would be so busy lately! Not only on the work front but at home. Every one of my children is having repeated bugs, one after the other and what with work commitments on top, crafting and blogging are taking a distinct back seat.

My latest mission is to complete the challenge for the latest EtsyUK craft challenge - theme being fairytales. No way will I win, especially after seeing bunny's entry, but I've started and spent hours trying to produce a Snow Queen coronet so I'm determined to finish. I will bloody well finish !!!! I can already see where things could have been easier for me so after spending days thinking it out putting it into action has produced the glitches that I couldn't foresee (although I probably should have!). I have 4 days to finish it in so you never know!