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Monday, 20 August 2007

Better late than never

Ah well I keep slacking off or never really starting depending on how you look at it, but that's the problem at the moment - I'm having a few problems with my eyesight and so am avoiding computer work unless definitely needed. I know it's not going to make a problem but for reassurance that I'm not making the problem worse I'm resisting the temptation to be on here till all hours.

Anyhoo. Tiaras. I started making tiaras as a fiddly thing to replace jigsaws. Less space, less mess etc. etc. Don't you believe it though. Instead of bits of jigsaw everywhere now there's bits of wire, beads, tools, half finished headpieces...... I have fun though. They're very satisfying to make, and , yes, it's tempting to wear the finished product to do the washing up. Queen for the day and all that.

The last one I've had a chance to concentrate on was the Snow Queen tiara. Small coronet base and rows of wire 'twigs' all threaded with seed beads and wrapped in very thin wire, capped off with wire closed circles. Looks good and stops the beads falling off! It took me from start to finish about 10 hours to make. I think I should have picked bigger beads than seed beads, but then the effect wouldn't have been the same.

This the base of it. The base and main wiring alone took over 3 hours.

Gradually building up and supporting the many fronds.


I have many more ideas in the pipeline but so little time. Funnily enough people seem to like the tried and tested designs rather than trying something new - so I don't get much (or none actually) chance to let my imagination run riot for someone. Anyone out there willing?