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Friday, 12 September 2008


One of those days.

Driving home at 4 in the morning. Filled up on fuel only to have my card refused and no cash on me. Luckily I think the lone lady worker thought i looked pretty harmless and let me in to use the cashpoint. Why though would the cashpoint give me money on the same card that wouldn't let me pay?

Woke this morning to a letter from the fraud department with a list of transactions, explaining why the card was stopped. Not all my bills. Tesco online £600? I haven't shopped that way for over 2 years. So have to now check everything and wait for a new card. Do you think that was why I kept spending more money than I thought?

Then school run, and I reversed into a transit van who was reversing at the same time. i thought I got away with it and breathed a huge sigh of relief as it was my husband's car. Big Saab I thought, built to last, no problems. I picked up one little bit of plastic and drove away. The wheel arches had been thoroughly cleaned by the collision and the other van was intact. DH gets home to tell me I've actually ripped the bumper off.

Three things. No more now, I can't afford it!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I've been making matroyshka charms in one form or another for a while now. They sell well. But they're always different as I scavenge them from vintage pictures and suchlike or hand draw them. So I thought I'd try and get one into the computer - quickly. I can't find my tablet so thought I'd try paint, but as ever my hand just isn't steady enough. So...I tried basic circles and ovals and lines and came up with the matroyshka below.

The idea is that I change the pattern on her tummy to go with different colour combinations. I grabbed the nearest available image.That's why she has a goldfish there. Sheer laziness and not a view of her dinner.