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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Always Fresh

Well, I've been beavering away today starting to reduce prices in my etsy shop for the sale starting 1st april. The site takes such a long time to load that editing is very time consuming.

I've been listing (this time readymades on ebay). Gosh that doesn't half sound like contraband.

Had a sudden design inspiration whilst making soap last night resulting in the flower brooch.

The soap? Still to see. It smells nice although not really of grapefruit & lime, but give it a few weeks and i'll let a few people try it out.

I've finished my etsy uk design challenge producing a baby ninja bandana bib - otherwise known as ninja pig. My son looks really cute with it on!

Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Been a bit poorly lately and am only just starting to catch up with things. However been very busy today.

Have just finished a batch of soap - grapefruit and lime. This is a new mix for me so I'm not certain that I've got the ratio of essential oils right. Still give it a few weeks and i can try one and see!

I'm also getting started on the etsy UK ninja challenge. Deadline is sunday, so hopefully i'll get finished in plenty of time. Entries can be viewed here and I think the final vote will be taken that evening.

Tonight I'm also hoping to finish off a few bits and pieces and also flip through to the etsy Uk myspace blog. I've sadly ignored that for the last week. Hopefully it has been standing up well by itself!

Oh yes - why smarties? Because I got white smarties in the packet today!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Blogging Lots

Am working hard here working out myspace for the group EtsyUK. This place is so much easier to use. Trying to work out my links list for here and re-erecting a fence in the back garden. Now that's an interesting task when done in the dark!

Couldn't do it in the daytime because I couldn't let the kids run amok without me to intervene - twins really do work together and they end up in all sort of fixes, current being trying to take all the pictures off the walls. So had to leave it till hubby home, hence putting up fences in the dark. We do have the kitchen light to help us, but I can't say it does much for my husband not with all the swearing I hear.

I'm on tenterhooks at the moment waiting the delivery of my new overlocker. How sad do you become when you get older and have more children. Something new for me that I can do at home whilst listening out for the children. Oh, hold me back! :-)

The funny thing is, if my husband bought me it for my birthday I would be extremely upset and he would get the silent treatment. Because I bought it for myself ... and he doesn't yet know ... it's a guilty secret and much better than chocolate. Loving it!

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Well, Happy Mother's Day folks. I've spent a wonderful day in bed with a vomiting bug that my children gave to me. At least they love me enough to share :-( At least my husband seems to appreciate my hard work a bit more so he's organised icecream for me. Always the way to my heart.
I've had my sewing machine returned and have spent the evening trying to get it to work. No hope. Have to pay to get it serviced. I kind of figured it wouldn't work when the person who borrowed it over a year ago returned it to my mother's house (not mine) and when I took the lid off there was a dead spider in it.
May have to buy a new overlocker after all. My next design idea - Baby Ninja Bandana Bibs!

Friday, 16 March 2007

Still on the introduction!

Oof – what a day. I’ve just returned to work, even though on vastly reduced hours, but it’s hard. Everything’s changed! Well actually it hasn’t, it’s all the little things. New phones, new contacts, new people in post, name changes for the posts. Little things that build up!
I mean – what’s a workplace development co-ordinator & facilitator? An education co-ordinator was sufficient before! Anyhow this is being written at work. I have to do something J The workplace smoking ban is now in place. I don’t smoke at home, I don’t smoke in the car, and I don’t smoke in the street – I have nowhere else to smoke except at work, but I can’t do that when it’s dark as we have to go out onto the road, beside a load of bushes. Not being paranoid, but I’m not doing that by myself. So this is keeping me occupied in my down time.
Tomorrow hopefully is jewellery time. I’m still trying to master making heather from bead and wire. I think what I produce is pretty good, but then I know what it’s meant to be. Do other people?

I’ve been involved in teaching some jewellery techniques recently so thought I could write them out for this blog. It might ensure that I write them clearly and intelligibly. I think I could start with basic techniques and build up, sort of jewellery ABC. My main problem is that I cannot draw! So I’ll have to gradually write them and try and take photos at the same time. Could turn out interesting, but may not get uploaded for a while.

Flash your Pants for Comic Relief

A challenge for Comic Relief! What to do? Yes, everyone with a bit of ingenuity joined in made a pair of pants. Everyone that is that is involved in Etsy a web-based outlet for handmade goods.
The Great Pants Challenge is now closed and numerous votes have been taken – with the outright winner being:
Bunny - with a nifty picture of The Annual Pants Day Festivities in Knickerville. Check it out below:
Normally Bunny produces customised shoes, jewellery and phtomanipulations among other items. For a look at her shop and a good browse through her goods (rather than her pants) visit

Second place goes to sea urchin with ceramic his and hers pants

And third to Kezzaroo with felted Mr T pants

Thursday, 15 March 2007


Well, I'm trying to blog again. I used to enjoy it - writing about something that interested me, something that irritated me or just little incidents of the day. All based on my work at that time. But then I ran out of time. Three children later and my goals in life have changed. So, I'm back to blogging, but from a totally different viewpoint.
This time, it's really about what I enjoy doing that's gradually replacing my previous work.
Years ago, I made jewellery as a hobby. I played around with clay. I loved working with paper and paste. Then I ran away to sea and found it all a bit difficult to do when we were listing to port. I've taken it all up again now and am enjoying it more than ever. I've already sold to the USA and Australia so my plans for world domination are progressing!