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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Fabric Heaven

Bit of a late night tonight. Am sitting waiting for my little one to settle. Chickenpox being rife throughout the children this past few weeks the small one is suffering more than most and, even though he's supposed to have recovered, he's still not 100%

Have discovered a wonderful fabric seller with genuine vintage fabric - from the bolt as well. Just have to save my pennies now and then one big shopping spree! Although I did buy some curtain fabric today so have already spent some :-(

As part of the Etsy group we have a swap group which brings up some wonderful items. I got some lovely blue linen like material from Sakura and made a bag with a patterned wool mix. Her material gave the lovely contrast detail and an aqua blue cats eye glass toggle finished the bag with a loop closure. Now my sewing machine is working again (after months and months) I'm pretty happy. 3 visits to the repair man and I was beginning to think of giving up and buying a new one but today - taadaa - it works!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Back on the Bandwagon

Well I started, then I neglected but hopefully now time is going to be a bit kinder to me. A month of night shifts and 3 children with chickenpox have meant I've been hoarding my time a little preciously. Hopefully I'm also going to be able to do some more making as well.

I have plenty of bags in the pipeline but I've now had to take my sewing machine back to the shop twice after a full service as it still stops working mid sew! Maybe I could handsew the bags - possibly add value? Unlikely. Jewellery wise I have some great ideas as well just not enough time or determination at present. I'm waiting on a macro lens for my camera so that might give me the impetus. I don't want to end up with hundreds of things to take photos of in one go. A bit lazy too. So I've been concentrating on soap making. Turned out some nice stuff but have had one complete disaster which I'm going to try and convert tonight. I had to stop in the middle of this batch as one of the children had fallen out of bed! Can't be helped as they're usually so good once tucked up and falling out of bed has never really been an issue - which really surprised me!

On the nature watch front my hedgehog has been either fighting or mating, I'm unsure which. I got quite worried a few weeks ago when all I could hear was load snuffling noises from the garden which turned out to be two hedgehogs having a good sniff. They really are loud once they get going. So we'll have to wait and see. The hedgehog poo count has gone down though so I think only one hedgehog is still here. I think the previous 'incontinence' might have been related to just coming out of hibernation. Just as well because I really wouldn't have thought one little hedgehog could afford to waste that much food.

I also have a red kite that regularly hangs above my garden. I think he must live in the neighbouring woods and he's a real treat to watch flying by. We heard a major commotion the other day only to see him zooming past chasing a goose. I think that would possibly be a bit too much for him in a fight, but the goose wasn't having any of it anyway.

Otherwise I have giant (well not too giant but relatively speaking) spider balls everywhere in my garden. Love to take a proper photo (with a superb macro lens) but this will have to do: