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Monday, 25 February 2008

Why won't it remember me?

The thing I hate about this blog is that it never remembers me. Everyone time I go to sign I put in the password and tick the remember me box - and it never does. That's a bit of a downer for the ego.

Life in the past few months has been busy. The soaps are still in the development phase. I'm just not happy with them, but I now have some lip balms on the loose. It would help if I actually listed some on my websites, otherwise they will never sell. My local farmer's market had promised to get back to me with regards to a stall, but they never did, so I will have to chase them. I think , from the comments made, that they class me as too expensive. Previously they had one lady who's soaps sold really well, and then another lady who charged too much and produced very bad soap which always left a scum in the sink when used. I didn't make the obvious comment about the local water as I was trying to make a good impression - maybe I should have.

The current works are tiaras though. I have a commission for a new design that I'm working on - butterfly hair combs. This photo is at the hedgehog stage:

This one is half a wing completed. Just need to check that the buyer is happy before I carry on.

Apart from other tiaras I have also been asked to make some for a shop in Savannah, Georgia. Consignment basis. I hummed and hawed as I usually say no, but I like Savannah, which is why I swung over to a yes vote. 3 month trial and it'll be interesting. At least I can say - 'Red Sky Tiaras' as stocked by.... Shop Moss, Savannah. Red Sky International for definite :-)