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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Ten things about me. Part Three & Final !!!

Now I have a free moment (and the children and husband are sleeping) I can hopefully finish these. Sooo...

6. I started my working life as a computer operator, then programmer (oh the joys of BASIC, COBOL and PASCAl!). I then became a factory worker, shop assistant, groom, bar maid, bouncer (for one night), and the list goes on. I also acquired three degrees along the way. I really wanted to be a pathologist (and not because of Quincy). Instead I applied for a job as a trainee veterinary nurse, but was considered unsuitable. I'm now a nurse and look after human beings - go figure that one!

7. I have an incontinent hedgehog living in my garden. Or, if he's not incontinent he has regular buddy parties in the middle of the night.

8. I failed art & design at school and was asked to leave the class and find something more suitable. Not my fault! I just can't draw! I can copy brilliantly but freehand drawing - no way. (Should I be owning up to that?)

9. My first car was a 1967 old Post Office Bedford van complete with quadrophenic stereo and fully carpeted throughout.

10. I married my first boyfriend, twenty years after we first met (sweet :-))

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Ten things about me. Part Two !!!

2. I've lost my train of thought now. OK. Got one. Back in my twenties I bummed around the country fruit picking. Oh, and firebreathing. I got very good at spitting, and burped paraffin like mad in the pub later! Least I think it was paraffin, which just goes to show (referring back to number 1) that time does fade every memory.

3. I was deported from Singapore after entering the country illegally, about 10 years ago. I shunted off to the mainland and stayed at the top hotel in, I think, Jota Bahru. This was a 20 storey plus monstrosity and I was on the 22nd floor. Confidence building as it was, of the 6 lifts available one was permanently open with a sign in situ stating "Permanently reserved for the fire brigade".

4. I, myself, have gone diving in Alaska. It was actually no colder than diving in Scotland. But then if you've ever been diving in Scotland you'd understand the slight understatement there. I spent the first dive basically bricking myself that a Killer Whale would appear in front of me only to surface to one of the best sights of my life. As I broke the surface of the water a Golden Eagle 'landed' beside me, grabbed a fish and flew away. I'd obviously disturbed his prey enough to distract the fish and enable the eagle to grab an easy meal. Totally awe inspiring seeing the speed and power of that bird.

5. I used to go open ocean swimming with a complete nutter. Why? I don't know. This man was ex-SAS/SBS/who-knows-what but something dark and deadly along those lines. He was navy I just can't remember which 'elite' bit he was. Anyhow, we used to swim out to sea and go hunting sharks and other interesting things. Then all of a sudden he would just disappear from sight only to reappear aeons later after doing what I would class as record breaking breath holding dives. I swear I looked like a struggling fish on the surface the first few times he did that! Shark bait if ever anyone was. He just used to disappear. He'd never let me know he was off. Which after being p'd off the first few times was actually quite good for me because it taught me the value of paying attention to what was going on around me and not just what was in front of me.

Oh yea - and I have swum with one of the most deadliest animals in the sea - a sea snake. Quite a venomous one as well according to the guide books. I actually thought it was a piece of plastic floating in the water. Had a good swim, just a bit nerve wracking trying to make sure I stayed permanently 5 feet away from it. I don't know if snakes value their personal space, but I figured this might be any reasonable animal's zone of tolerance.

I have also nearly had a heart attack when faced by a cod. Anyone seen a real live one? Have you any idea just how large they are? I thought it was a bloody big shark and nearly dropped dead on the spot as it swam towards me!

Tagged!!! 10 Things about me (part one)

Ooh I've just been tagged by Sakura and now am supposed to indulge in a bit of tell all with ten things about me - and then tag ten other people to keep the ball rolling. I'm trying not to read hers as I don't want to be influenced in any way. Ten things though, just pulled out of the air. Well I suppose the first one then is easy.

1. I'm forty this year - I therefore have great claim to not remember things easily unless somebody reminds me about them, or gives me a hint. I apparently fed my son at 3 in the morning the other night and I can't actually remember getting up for him. Although that's probably exhaustion rather than age.

2. Ah well this one will have to wait as I've been called to dinner, because this is MY night and my husband has to do everything!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Ninja Challenge

Wow, it's been a week since I've been here! Busy week though. Trying to find car insurance as my own has gone through the roof. I tried one site that advertise as guaranteeing to be less and they quoted £1500 for the year for me and my husband - I've only got a little Peugeot! Anyway, what with potty training and teething going on and the usual lumps and bumps of childhood this is the first chance I've had. I can't say that things are peaceful around here. I have turfed the kids out to nursery, but the baby is lying in his cot, kicking heck out of the footboard at the moment. So a bit noisy, all in all.
I've got 4 volunteers to test my new soap. I usually use friends and family, but as it seems to have been such a grotty winter for coughs and colds and generally people feeling like crap I've decided to spread the love a bit. Soaps should be ready in a couple of weeks.
As for the ninja challenge, I didn't even get mentioned. Boo hoo. Kezzaroo won. That was really a no brainer, her being the Queen of Ninjas and everything. She produced a wonderful pink & cuddly bedtime ninja, complete with poop panel at the back of his babygro!

Lilley and memake came joint second with a trio of polymer clay ninjas and a ninja purse respectively. Third went to askey for a great ninja greeting card. They can all be viewed through here . Me? I made a baby ninja bandana bib. My only excuse for failing so miserably was that the photo was very bad quality, although I did have a great model!