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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Head Lice

Oh joy - yet another shampooing session coming up. I have on average treated my children once a month since Christmas. Each time they have been cleared and every time, a few weeks later, back they come again. Always from the same 2 classes and not the third child's class. It's costing me a fortune.
All I can assume is that there is a floating child who is not treated and therefore the infestations start again. The School Nurse doesn't do nit patrol anymore - it is up to the parents or the teacher to spot if there is a problem.
My DH is particularly sad about this - the nit nurse was the highlight of his pre-pubescent years, being the closest he could get to a big pair of boobs!
Having said that, it was interesting to read that just looking isn't an accurate way to know whether there is an active problem. Nits can be easy to spot, but not the head lice themselves. Wet combing is the way to go if you want to see if there are live head lice in occupation.

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