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Monday, 5 January 2009

Sand and Snow

I've been away for a while, enjoying the benefits of a freezing cold Scottish beach with fog and rain and cold cold winds ....... and icecream and sandcastles and pirate houses and paddling. I feel quite sorry for my son, who seems to be a bit confused. It snowed at home today. He knows what the white stuff is. He knows what we're talking about, but he wants to go and play in the sand - I think maybe I should try to give him a summer holiday this year so he doesn't always equate sand with ice cold fingers.

Anyway, I left my husband in charge for a few days and I have returned and he has quite delightfully tidied up. OK his tidying is more of the shove things in big cupboards variety, whereas mine is more of the take 2 months to sort things variety, but the place is pristine. I am seriously speechless. Alas though. He has also tidied my office. I'm not bothered about the paperwork, but I've lost all my craft knives! I'm reduced to using the sharpest kitchen knife to get clean cuts. I refuse to buy more so am living in hope that they'll turn up soon, partly because I don't like the idea of lost knives in a house of children. I give the search until the weekend and then I'm off to the pound shop. I will not replace them properly until i have lost all hope.

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